Leaves is the first episode of the show created by who created the wiki, Ultimate avatar. It is about Naruto teaching Deidario how to find out his Chakra type when he was a child.

Deidario-Dad, you want me to use leaves

Naruto-Yes, Deidario

Deidario-Okay, dad, urgggg

Naruto-Try Multi ShadowClone Jutsu

Deidario-Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!

Multiple Clones of Deidario appear

Naruto-Now, cuff the leaves in your hands

Deidario-We got 'em

Naruto-Now focus all of your Chakra into your hands and the leaves will burn if your Fire, cut in half if your Wind, Crumble if your Earth, shock you if you're Lighning, and evaporate if you're Water

Sakura-Deidario, time for dinner, were having Ramon!

Deidario-Oh yeah! Ramon

Naruto-Wait, wait!

Meanwhile at the dinner table

Sakura-So, what did you do today, Ramona

Ramona-Well, I watched tv and got on my labtop

Sakura-So, what did you do today, Deidario

Deidario-I trained with dad for my Chakra type


The next day

Naruto-Do what you did yesterday

Deidario-Multi, Shadow Clone Jutsu!, urggg!


Deidario-I got it!,

Naruto-Let me see

Deidario-Her dad

Naruto-It's crumbled but also burned

Deidario-I think it's Magma


The End