Sasori's Return is the 2nd episode of the show, Naruto: Chronicles. It is about Sasori somehow returning and tring to get revenge on Sakura and anyone else who ever gave him pain.

Sasuke-Something has happened

Karin-What happened?

Sasori-An old Akatsuki has returned

Karin-Who is it?

Sasuke-Sasori of The Red Sand

Sakura-Thanks for the information


Sasori-I will get revenge on Kankuro, Gaara, and that Leaf Village girl

Deidara-So, Sasori my man, you've returned

Sasori-Yes, I have

Deidara-Ya ned help with revenge

Sasori-Yes I do


Naruto-You guys, I'm going to make sure that I never see your faces again

Sasori-And how are you gonna do that?

Naruto-Sage Mode, activate!, Wind Rasengan!!!

Deidara is hit with blast

Sasori-Deidara!, Iron Sand!

Naruto-Whoa, it's a good thing I dodge that

Sasori-But it's impossible to dodge, urg!


Sasori-Ahhh! That really, Ahhhhhhh, Uh!

The End