Teaching The Rasengan is the third episode of the show, [[Naruto: Chronicles|RasennukeNaruto: Chronicles]]. It is about Naruto teaching Naruto Jr. How to use the rasengan so he won't have to be weak

Naruto-It's time I taught you how to use the Rasegan

Naruto Jr-Okay daddy

Naruto-First, I need to teach you Shadow Clone Jutsu

Naruto Jr-Then teach me it, teach me it

Naruto-Be paitient

Meanwhile, in the fields of Naruto's house

Naruto Jr-Well that's easy, Shadow Clone Jutsu!

Naruto-You got it, great

Naruto-Now, since your chakra is like mine was when I was a kid, use Shadow Clone Jutsu

Naruto Jr-Shadow Clone Jutsu!

One clone of Naruto J appeared

Naruto-Now focus you chakra and use the shadow clone to cuff the chakra when it's palm of your left hand

Naruto J-It's in the palm of my hand and the shadow clone is cuffing it

Naruto-Now you just keep it in your palm and then when your ready to attack just run towards the enemy and let it hit him

Naruto J-Okay daddy

The End